Monday, August 13, 2007


Lately, I have found myself at a line that's been drawn.
And now, I'm not sure......whether to cross it or not.
Understanding that this might be the real thing, and
Realizing that I might be able to pronounce my love for you,
And that you have the opportunity to turn away and leave.

My love for you in undying, yet unknown...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ever After

Each second seems an eternity,
As I await my collapse into infinity.
I draw the noose taut,
Around the arms of the vagabond.
Bound as one, prick the flesh, as
Red tears weep gently for me.

Each second seems an eternity,
As I transcend into false purity.
Knowing I cannot stay here,
Comfort is forever estranged.
Holding great contempt for life, as
Red tears weep gently for me.

Each second seems an eternity
As I descend back into depravity.
Purple blotches remain,
To remind us of each time we run away.
Their presence signifies disdain, as
Red tears weep gently for me.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thank you for inviting me here,
Everything looks lovely.
Your parents are the best, dear
Life is so grand.

This meat is to tasty, so tender.
Must not have more than three bites though.
I'll have a few more green beans,
No, I really am quite full.

Excuse me for a moment,
Be back in a second.
I need to be alone for a while.
Pardon me.
The mirror is stained and my vision is blurry
And my old friend greets me again.
Staring back into the eyes of an angel
who's fallen, fallen again.

I wish I were a princess,
So fair and so thin.
Instead of feeling feeble from
Losing weight again.
Why am I doing this to myself
What am I doing this for
Why do I do this to myself
Who am I doing this for

I wish I were prettier
I wish I were thinner
Time to dry my eyes now,
my food's getting cold.

Monday, November 13, 2006


It's my fault.
I don't deserve better
I deserve to be treated this way.
I don't care how long you are gone.
I understand that you cannot be faithful.

It's my fault.
These are tears of happiness.
My makeup covers the bruise.
You didn't mean to do it.
I sometimes make you hit me.

It's my fault.
I think you are a good spouse.
I feel safe with you.
I don't want to run away from you.
This is where I belong.

Friday, October 27, 2006


Crows feet embrace his eyes,
A knowing squint, telltale signs of wisdom
Looking out, beyond the present
Into young eyes staring back in awe.

Waving smoke from his face,
Flippant yet defiant.
And the delicate, subtle stench of fine cognac,
Wafted lazily with each syllable.

You are too young to know
That the world has different intentions.
It's a sad state of affairs
when the world isn’t as sunny as it seems.

You haven’t quite learned
That fate shows no pity, no compassion
You’ll soon see nothing but grief around you
As chance metes out our consequence

Young eyes dim and lips begin to turn down
on the face of a crestfallen child
The man realizes the sails have been shorn
While his gaze softens , he says:

Now there, it’s not all that bad
There’s plenty of good in this world, take
This moment, this second, this very instant
Is worth all the pain I've experienced.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lost and Found

As emotions and commotion
tend to swirl and surround…
We are lost and found

Our souls are hollow, simply follow
‘cause we’re blind and bound…
We are lost and found

Time for battle, herded cattle
On the proving grounds...
We are lost and found

Overburdened, that’s for certain
And now we've been crowned….
We are lost and found

They enslave us, and betray us
Spin us ‘round and ‘round…
We are lost and found.

See the fire of desire
as the world burns down…
We are lost and found

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hues of amber pierce through nothingness.
Strident lights that signify new hope
Reveal gentle ripples on the surface of uncertainty.

Will they sustain you…suspend you?
Perhaps they will simply observe?
No, its purpose is to envelop you
To fill the entire void of your soul.

And in that moment,
Oblivious to the notion of time.
The cool embrace of conformance
Makes you feel whole.