Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Hues of amber pierce through nothingness.
Strident lights that signify new hope
Reveal gentle ripples on the surface of uncertainty.

Will they sustain you…suspend you?
Perhaps they will simply observe?
No, its purpose is to envelop you
To fill the entire void of your soul.

And in that moment,
Oblivious to the notion of time.
The cool embrace of conformance
Makes you feel whole.


Natalie said...

I wonder what the hues of amber are...? Loved your shiver poem by the way. How fragile we all are underneath, and how delightful when we are scared and weak and someone can really see into our soul, and what to know that. Thanks.

Gratification through Sadness said...

Thanks for the comment! I will explain all of my October poems on December first. :-)

Gabrielle said...

thanks for stopping by... yours is so deep :)

Susan Abraham said...

Yours words spotting an iridescent mood appear to stay encompassed in a prism of rainbows. I feel them all to be tranquil, perfectly still and crystal-clear. And I don't think it was an easy poem to write.
Well done.
Plus, your pic made for the perfect choice too.